7 Naughty or Nice Holiday Drinks

The holidays are quickly approaching, and the last thing everyone needs to worry about is what to serve as drinks. Honestly, there’s enough hassle with making sure there’s enough food at the party.

So I’ve chosen 7 drinks that will put anyone in a festive mood. I’ve labeled the alcoholic drinks as “naughty” and the non-alcoholic drinks as “nice.” Whether it’s a small office party or a huge get together with friends, anyone would love to try these!

1.  Cranberry Orange Mimosas (Naughty)


2.  Christmas Sherbet Punch (Nice)


3. Christmas Champagne Cocktail (Naughty)


4. Homemade Hot White Chocolate (Nice)


5. Jingle Juice Holiday Punch (Naughty)


6. Non-Alcoholic Apple Cider Sangria (Nice)


7. Boozy Christmas Cherry Bombs (Naughty)

This one isn’t a drink, but I couldn’t help but add it in.








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